05 Mar of 2013
5 Tips for Health
Personal health is a way of life. It’s not the latest hyped-up diet or the three-week summer boot camp at the gym – it’s what you do on a regular basis. A healthy lifestyle can elevate your mood, increase your energy levels and strengthen your body.
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  • A Balanced Diet. Incorporate more fruit and veggies into your diet and do your best to avoid processed foods. Try to eat protein throughout the day.
  • Exercise.  Be physically active.  Go for a walk, hit the gym or take up tennis or swimming lessons.
  • Eat moderate-sized portions.  Learn to listen to your body, stop eating when you feel satisfied, not when you feel full.
  • Positivity. Think positive. Fill your mind with useful, engaging thoughts that motivate you throughout the day. 
  • Family health. Incorporate new health habits into your family lifestyle. Challenge each member of your family to think of a new group activity or healthy food to make.